6 Aims to Upgrade to the Latest Windows Server

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: Latest Windows Server – If you are looking for web hosting, you really need to upgrade to the latest Windows Server operating system. Getting an advanced and secure processor is the ultimate goal of all applications and websites owners. Hence they need a secure Windows environment.

Navicosoft has a team of professionals who have built a platform for providing the best windows hosting. As a result, our windows Webhosting servers are seamless for stepping ahead using the latest technologies.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to advance to the latest Windows web hosting in 2021:

To Stay in the Game

Things keep on updating in the IT world; hence there is a need for the latest operating system. Organizations require it for more functionality. In addition, companies rely on the latest technological trends for their operating systems to perform faster and become more efficient and secure.

The older version of Windows has become less compatible. Using the latest software and technologies makes it hard to upgrade. When companies use a legacy version of an operating system, they may face significant challenges to upgrade to the latest version. It is because there is no support available for old infrastructure and applications. When there is a forced OS upgrade, you will have to upgrade the applications and infrastructure as well. Therefore, it is best to upgrade sooner rather than delaying it.

Older versions dropping support

The older version will still receive support over the next few years. In contrast, the latest Windows Server will also receive support very soon. However, Microsoft has ended support for Windows 2008 in the last year, and Windows 2012 will reach its end in 2023. Without any support, patching will not be available, and it will leave the servers vulnerable. Hence anyone using Windows 2012 should upgrade till 2023.

Future-proofing your compatibility

The rapid advancement in new technology drives digital transformation. Hence companies strive to be in a situation where they can rapidly adapt to the changes in order to remain competitive. In the future, many businesses will have to update their operating system and infrastructure to continue with the new technology. Advancing to the latest Windows server enables you to progress easily.

Bringing Linux On Board

Since the latest Windows server is much more compatible, users can run genuine and open-source Linux, which is fully integrated with Microsoft’s range of applications and infrastructure. It is not a short-term change. Microsoft provides a totally unique attitude towards open-source applications. Hence it has become a prominent collaborator in the development.

Improved cloud integration

Cloud has become one of the leading solutions for most businesses. A cloud-compatible operating system is indispensable to smoothly migrate your services to the cloud and integrate on-premises systems. Hence, cloud compatibility is an important design feature of the latest Windows server. It works with a wide range of infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) options, i.e., private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures.

In addition, Microsoft has also optimized Windows Server with the increasing number of software as a Service (SaaS) stages. The ability of an advanced SaaS platform is to bring rapid transformation with an increasingly popular and potential to integrate data. Therefore, this operating system increases the use of automation.

Security Improvement

Cybersecurity is the main concern for most organizations. It is because vulnerabilities within the operating systems are a significant target for attacks. The latest Windows server always offers improvements in the security feature in comparison to the previous versions. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is effective enough to block various threats and track and monitor the potential threats.

Windows Server offers multiple improvements on the server, including improved cloud and Linux integration with enhanced security. In addition, it takes advantage of modern technologies to provide customers with the support and patching facility in keeping their systems safe.

Navicosoft provides such windows web hosting, which is supportive of all web applications such as ASP.NET, .NET Core, PHP, and ASP. Hence we provide complete reliability and security for windows hosting since we believe in providing the best to our customers!

Moreover, our windows hosting servers provide 100% SSD disk space since they are equipped with the best quality hardware. Serving customers conveniently and reasonably, our servers involve up to 10 CPU cores and guaranteed RAM and unlimited traffic!



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