5 Ultimate Tips for Beginners on Choosing 200 Hour YTT

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Planning to start your yoga journey with 200 hours YTT? Well, choosing the right yoga teacher training is a must for getting the best out of it. No matter whether you want to do YTT to become a yoga teacher or to simply learn about yoga, the below-listed tips will help you make this important decision in the right manner. Let’s start off!

Things Beginners’ Must Check Before Choosing a YTT

There are certain things you need to check before investing in Yoga Teacher Training, no matter whether you are planning for 200 hour YTT or 500 Hour YTT.

Get Training from an Expert Teacher

It is of utmost importance to get yoga training from an expert yoga teacher. During your training, you will not only be learning yoga from your teacher but also likely to grab some teaching qualities. It has been found, people try to mirror their teacher, especially at the starting of their teaching journey. So, if you do the same, there is nothing to be surprised about. If you like the way your teacher teaches you, you can expect the same from your students. So, make sure you find a teacher who inspires you throughout your 200 hours yoga teacher training.

Join Yoga Alliance Certified School

If your key aim to do 200 hours YTT is to become a yoga teacher, make sure you enroll in a school that is registered with Yoga Alliance. This will help you get RYT 200 stamp after the completion of your yoga training. Also, you become eligible to teach yoga in any part of the world after doing yoga teacher training from a school having the Yoga Alliance accreditation.

Teaching style

200 Hour yoga teacher training is not only about getting expertise in yoga, instead of focusing on teaching as well. We usually imitate what we learn. So, it is highly recommended to assure you choose a teaching style that matches your interest. The most perfect way to get this done would be to attend a class in advance or get reviews from former students. You can also check testimonials to clear the doubts you may have. This is unquestionably the best way to figure out if the teaching style you are planning to opt for during 200 Hours YTT is suitable for you or not.

Check Your Budget

You can moderately anticipate spending between $1500-1700 for 200 hour YTT and if planning to do 500 hours teacher training then the cost may expand. So, before you choose your yoga teacher training, check your budget and see if it covers everything that can be expected from a yoga teacher training course.

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Make Your way to Perfect Location

Yoga teacher training is an experience that stays with practitioners for a lifetime. While there are thousands of yoga schools in various parts of the world, some locations are well-thought-out and more wise than others. For instance, Rishikesh, which is the birthplace of yoga, has been attracting a wide number of yoga enthusiasts every year from all over the world.

Since yoga has a lot to do with uniting the mind, body, and soul; it is suggested to start your yoga journey at a location that can bring you positive vibes and peace of mind. The environment of the yoga school chosen by you plays a major role to focus on your yoga teacher training and making the most of it. So, keep in mind to choose a location that can give you a life-changing experience and is home to positive energy.

In a Nutshell

During 200 hour YTT, you will be learning how to teach students with confidence and become a yoga teacher. You not only learn to give yoga teaching instructions but also get to know about various tools and techniques of yoga. So, it is advised to keep all the tips listed above in mind before choosing a yoga teacher training program for you. Keeping these things in mind, you can surely take your yoga experience to the next level.

Got any more queries related to choosing yoga teacher training? Share them with us through the comments section and get friendly advice from our expert yoga teachers. Happy Yoga!

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