5 Truths You Must Know About Marble Countertops

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Either it’s a 5-star hotel or a luxury apartment, you will find marble everywhere around. From the floor to walls or kitchen slabs or bathroom vanity, marble is stretched across the building. As you step inside the hotel’s kitchen, attractive marble countertops would be the real appeal. No question at all, you’ll be finding these countertops in your dream kitchen.

No doubt, as you put on the marble countertops as your favorite query, a lot of kitchens with incredible looks pop up. Regardless of Pinterest or any other search engine, you’ll end up having enough choices.

Gorgeous kitchen islands or kitchen shelves usually give an ideal impact. When the island is designed using marble, it looks 100X more elegant and extraordinary.

Most of the time, we only look at the promising properties of marble. However, keep in mind that every countertop material generally holds some pros and cons. So instead of just looking at the positive side, try considering the negative side as well. Indeed a kitchen renovation is a big investment.

  • Marble requires excessive maintenance

We can easily go into a detailed discussion but keep in mind that marble is highly susceptible to damage. It cannot withstand any staining agents. Oil, wine, or any other seeping liquid will ruin the marble polish. Since it’s difficult to undo once this happens, sealing the surface is critical to help prevent damage during installation.

  • Marble develop scratches 

Any hard surface can cause scratches to marble. Polish and finish are highly vulnerable to damage when the surface is exposed to acid or any other material. A marble is a soft material as compared to other natural stones. Due to this main reason, take care of marble as much as you can. Avoid leaning a metal necklace or some bangles with the marble. This is undoubtedly highly prone to damage.

  • They are a beautiful addition with extra work

Undoubtedly, while browsing the marble countertops Reston over the internet, it’s hard to figure out every image. Marble has a gleaming surface. It looks incredible when paired with chrome and other accent colors. It’s quite overwhelming to enjoy all these pictures.

Marble works well with all the colors. Regardless of the kitchen style and design, it works fantastically. Due to its high versatility, it’s clear why it works so well with all kitchen elements. If you are looking for an easy to maintain and clean countertop option, you can easily drop down to this choice.

  • Marble is affordable 

As you know, there are various types of marble. No doubt marble is affordable for everyone. But, it again depends on the type of marble and the buyer’s budget. For instance, Carrara marble is the least expensive and easily affordable for everyone. However, it is also readily available.

Marble Countertops Reston

On the other hand, Calcutta marble is extremely expensive, and it is not affordable for all. It belongs to a luxurious class. With the change in shine and veining price goes higher. Unfortunately, pictures you are observing on the internet do not come at affordable prices.

  • Heat resistance properties of marble countertops 

No doubt marble has good heat resistance. It doesn’t melt easily. However, still, some extra care and attention are required. For instance, if you are baking in a cooking range oven at a high temperature, marble can give an icy cool feeling. Marble countertops can easily absorb heat. It is a good option for a busy kitchen. Although marble is a great option, never put a warm hot pot over the marble shelf. Though heat will not cause damage still it can cause color fading and other issues.


Marble is an excellent material for kitchen countertops. It provides not only an elegant look but also sophistication in any place. Despite the fact, marble countertops have some natural flaws; it is still the owner’s favorite choice. Interior designers and architects love marble around the world.

Marble countertops are undoubtedly an upscale place as compared to other materials. Regardless of the place, either its 5-star luxury hotel or your residential kitchen, marble slabs add an alluring effect at any place.

An attractive kitchen has a strong influence on buyers as well as on visitors. Last but not least, marble countertops are fantastic and the most affordable choice.


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