5 Tips To Help You Find High-Quality Rugs Online

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Area rugs are trending in fashion right now as more and more homeowners look to spruce up their interior and exterior flooring décor and much more, and what’s particularly interesting about the current trajectory of the rug industry is that countless people are now shopping online to find high-quality rugs.

In the past most people would go to in-person showrooms for this type of shopping, but today’s it’s never been easier to find high-quality Rugs Online through vast digital inventories that provide seemingly endless variety.

We’re very fortunate to have teamed up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source to support us in creating this list of 5 tips that online rug shoppers should keep in mind, so if you’re thinking about finding your next rug digitally then consider the following!

1. Bigger Rugs Are Typically Better

The size of your next area rug should be the first factor that you keep in mind while shopping online, and usually it’s best to go a little bit bigger when you’re not quite sure about any particular rug size.

This is one of the dangers of shopping online for rugs, because proper measurements are absolutely critical when you’re not going to see the rug in person. Size does matter when it comes to shopping for area rugs online, and bigger rugs tend to provide a little extra design and pattern sequencing.

2. Get A Durable Rug For High-Traffic Areas

The exact location within your home that you’ll put your new area rug is very important to keep in mind, because if it’s a common area with a lot of foot traffic then you’re going to need to ensure that your new rug is very durable and won’t cause you any upkeep headaches.

Wool is a very durable material to keep in mind, but you should also consider sisal and other synthetic materials as well. The knot count of any particular area rug will also be another indication of a rug’s overall durability.

This is one of the many reasons why a lot of homeowners are considering indoor-outdoor area rugs within their homes, because these rugs are extremely durable and still look fantastic!

3. Patterns Are Always A Good Thing Within The Rug World

Patterns are of course very interesting to see when you enter a room and notice the area rug, but patterns are also really helpful when it comes to hiding stains and making a rug appear cleaner than it actually may be.

This may not seem like a huge issue, but if you think you’ll be moving your furniture around and cleaning regularly then having patterns within your area rug will be very beneficial and convenient in a whole variety of ways. So if you don’t want to clean as much as you currently do, then a good rug pattern could help you out.

And an added plus is that rug patterns will provide your room with some extra décor texture that will bring your area to life! 

4. Rug Style Is Important

It’s important to keep the overall décor and style of a room in mind as you’re shopping for area rugs online, because this will help guide you towards the right type of rug style that’ll work best for your unique needs.

You don’t want your new area rug to seem out of place within your room, so make sure you’re keeping existing aesthetics in mind as you’re browsing through your favorite styles!

5. Rug Cleaning

The last factor we’re going to discuss within this article is oriented around cleaning and overall upkeep, because area rugs are a long-term investment that will require regular cleaning and potentially washing every now and again.

This means as an online shopper you’re going to need to ask some questions to your digital outlets and get a better idea as to which of your favorite options require the least amount of maintenance. This usually means that you should consider a low-pile rug as compared to high-pile rugs, but simply keeping potential maintenance and cleaning in mind is always good foresight!

Reach Out To Rug Industry Specialists When You’re Shopping For Rugs Online!

Although shopping online for area rugs typically means browsing through web pages by yourself, you should still get in direct contact with experts while you’re narrowing down your best options.

You can learn more about the incredible selection of rugs through Rug Source by clicking on the link at the top of the page!


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