5 Signs Of A Great Yoga Teacher Training

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A yoga teacher training provides you the skills and techniques to better your understanding of this ancient art. Under the tutelage of a highly skilled yoga instructor, you learn everything about the sacred art of yoga including its philosophy, history, and origins. It is what makes enrolling in the 300 hour yoga teacher training worth your time and effort.

For starters, the 300 hour YTT is an intermediate-level of yoga that is more suited for those with some experience and knowledge of yoga. It does not mean that you should have some prior experience in yoga practice. However, there are some unsaid signs of quality yoga teacher training that separate it from and one with nothing more than theoretical lessons.

5 Signs Of A Quality Yoga Teacher Training

Given below are five signs of a reputable yoga teacher training program.

1. Yoga Philosophy

Learning yoga is not just about understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. Yoga philosophy forms a major part of quality yoga teacher training. The yogic philosophy also includes an understanding of the traditional yogic texts like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Bhagwad Gita.

Moreover, a reputed yoga school knows that yoga philosophy helps you understand the deeper aspects of yoga practice. For example, you come to know about the different energy systems, Prana, Nadis, Chakras, and the Ayurvedic system of Doshas. It is an interesting aspect of the yogic lifestyle and helps you understand this ancient art beyond its physical aspect.

2. Class Planning & Sequencing

Since the 300 hour yoga teacher training is an intermediate level of yoga, it is necessary you also understand the correct way of teaching yoga. The majority of yoga styles have a specific method when it comes to sequencing a class. Quality yoga teacher training helps you know the techniques to successfully structure a yoga class.

Moreover, you also learn about the philosophical reasons behind sequencing a yoga class.

3. Personal Growth

Yoga is not a competitive sport or something you have to win a medal in. This ancient art provides you the perfect opportunity to introspect and yoga teacher training is no exception. Like any period of intense activity, you are more likely to experience personal growth.

In other words, you would enjoy the benefits of good physical and mental health in a short time. Yoga is all about diving deep into your spiritual side and unlocking the hidden potential. This is one of the obvious signs of a quality 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

4. Yoga Asana & Anatomy

Yoga philosophy introduces you to the traditional yogic texts like Yoga Sutras and Bhagwad Gita. However, you would still need to use this knowledge in a yoga asana practice and help students practice a challenging yoga pose. You must learn how to provide them the right cues and the right body adjustments.

Yoga Anatomy forms an important section of the yoga teacher training. This section provides you with complete knowledge of different muscles, bones, and the right joints important for your yoga practice. The 300 hour yoga teacher training helps you understand more about respiratory and other physiological systems. It is what makes quality yoga teacher training stand out from others.

5. Yoga Facilitation & Delivery

Sometimes, the skills of teaching yoga might get a bit sidelined. A good yoga teacher training program makes you aware of the professional pre-requisite. You have to demonstrate good yoga teaching skills. A quality YTT program would help you learn and practice these skills with fellow yogis.


Want to become a professional yoga instructor? Enroll in the 300 hour yoga teacher training course that offers you the five benefits mentioned above.

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