5 Quick & Easy Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

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Halloween is a holiday or festive celebrated on every year October 31. This date is considered as the beginning of winter when the herd is returned back from the pasture and land ownership is renewed. Every year people celebrate Halloween wearing Halloween costumes, carve pumpkins & follow customs. But this year, Halloween may look different. You may not have a large number of children dressed in Halloween costumes knocking on the door for the Halloween treats, and your party may be socially distanced. During this pandemic, you may find it difficult to decorate houses and porch areas for Halloween. However, you can make your house look weird and spooktacular through creative décor ideas! It may take a lot of work and time to make your house achieve the perfect balance of horror and style. 

Here, we have jotted down a few decoration ideas for your porch areas, have a look at them, and decorate your porch areas with quick and easy decor ideas. You might require some decoration items and tablecloths, so you can order it from any reliable fabric supplier online.  

1. Cute and Spooky Halloween Porch 

For cute and spooky porch deco ideas, you can use pumpkins, lanterns, and a spooky skeleton with bats and a stoic crow sat on the skeleton’s shoulder.  This creative decor idea will give a unique look yet spooky and everyone will love this design. If you want to highlight this design more, you can simply add a Happy Halloween banner, a black wreath, and tree branches along with a Haunted House signboard on the door with plenty of bats to keep everyone on their scary toes. 

You can also hang black and white striped curtains around the front porch or simply at the front door. If you are not in favor of hanging a black wreath, you can hang a large cat face on the door.  

2. Flying DIY Ghost on the Porch 

Want more haunting, huh? You can hang wicked witches or haunting ghosts on the porch areas or yard. DIY ghosts will look amazing in your home for the Halloween season. You can make your porch or front yard look more haunted and spooky with superb easy fabric DIY ghosts. You can hang them either on the porch areas or the front yard! This time is perfect to get involved with your kids in crafting simple DIY ghosts.  

For wicked witches, you need black color fabric, while white is best for ghosts. Take Styrofoam balls in different sizes, black craft paint, white fabric, paintbrush, and glue. With black craft paint and paintbrush, make ghost eyes on each Styrofoam ball. Let dry it completely. Wrap each Styrofoam ball with white color fabric (you can also use cheesecloth). Cut rips in the cheesecloth and take each shred in your hand and stretch it downward. This will create a rugged look. Here you go, your ghosts are ready! Hang them on your front yard or porch areas.  

To get cheesecloth or rectangle tablecloths, you can contact a reliable fabric supplier and can order whatever decorative items you want online at a reasonable price.  

3. Spooky Hanging Paper Lanterns 

The haunting hour begins as soon as the sun sets, so make sure you’re prepared with some festive lanterns. You don’t have to step out of your house and buy anything new—there are tons of ideas to DIY spooky lanterns, no matter what your skill level is. 

satin round tablecloths 
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You can easily craft simple paper lanterns with clip art, paint, studs, and gauze. They look even scarier in the dark! There are many other options for spooky lantern craft ideas like skull lanterns, candy lanterns, mason spider lanterns, and much more. You can also add pumpkin string lights to give your entire porch an eerie orange glow. 

4. Halloween Black- Bat Wreath 

To create an eerie-entry at your front door or porch areas, you can put a creepy-chic bat wreath at the door with a spooky orange light, a layer of moss, spider webs, and critters. You can also use menacing tree branches on the door.  

Halloween Porch

To add lights up, you can also hang a string of Halloween lights and a Happy Halloween banner to frame the porch in just the right way. This is an easy, simple, and inexpensive décor idea to create a scary look at the front door. You can make a Halloween banner or bat template on your own or can order it online. Take some black cardstock, cut out as many bats as you need, and hang them on the ceiling of the porch with black and white thread, packing tape, or small hooks. 

5. Scary Halloween Porch Spider Web 

The mysterious spider web on the porch almost covers the entire front porch. The eerie spider-web made from a clothesline, but strong yarn will do. You can easily find all kinds of spider-web online, and you can also find other creatures for your spiders to reach out and bite in. If you have time and you’re creative mind, you can make your ferocious spider. 

Each window needs a spider web and a dangling spider ready to crawl. This one is a simple and bright decoration solution for almost all white windows and shutters during Halloween. Black yarn or even narrow black elastic can easily be threaded into the spider web shape for duplicating the look.  

There are lots of options to make easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas. You can use skull, signboard, bats, and pumpkins to complete the Halloween look.  To get decorative items such as Halloween banner, black cardstock, satin round tablecloths, Styrofoam balls and other, you can contact a reliable fabric and decorative items supplier.  


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