5 Popular EHR For 2021

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Why EHR Software is Necessary 

In this day and age, EHR software is not just necessary in terms of the convenience they provide to you and your medical practice but also because they are a legal necessity at this point. Most states make this software a necessity and a legal requirement from medical practices. In this piece, we will be telling you about various EHR software which is a good option. This software has some of the best user reviews for 2021 which allows you to have confidence in the fact that the decision you are making for your medical practice is the absolute best one. 


If you are interested in knowing about this software and whether you should choose it for your medical practice then keep reading and find out about your options today. We will tell you about various software. From lesser-known software Novoclinical to Epic EHR; we will outline some winning features in each of this software that you are bound to enjoy. 

Top Software 2021


Novoclinical EHR is a great software option because of the various wonderful features this software allows you to access. The software has a great e-prescription feature that helps you to make prescriptions virtually. This means you are able to make prescriptions virtually so that both you and your patients can have convenience and ease. This is because the feature allows you to easily make prescriptions online and send them to the pharmacy directly so that you are able to reduce the time between making a prescription and the prescription is pick up and take. This is because with Novoclinical you can send it directly to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for your patient to go to and hence they can simply go directly to the pharmacy instead of coming to your practice first to pick up the prescription paper


We also want to tell you about the claims scrubbing feature in Novoclinical which helps you to make things a lot easier for everyone involved. This software allows you to automate the claims filing process significantly so that you are able to not only increase the instances of your claims being accepted but also can get your claims accepted faster with Novoclinical EHR‘s help. 

Amazing Charts

After Novoclinical, we have Amazing Charts. It is a great EHR software that allows you to enjoy a lot of perks because of its features. The software has a great charting feature that allows you to virtually reduce the time it takes for you to do patient charting. This means you can easily reduce appointment times significantly so that you are able to see more patients in a day than before. All of this helps you to make things so much simpler for you and your staff. 

The software also has a great templates feature that allows you to choose from a variety of different pre-added templates. This helps you choose one which serves your needs and these can be further customized to fit your needs as well. 

Optimus EHR

Optimus EHR is a great EHR choice for a multitude of reasons. The software has a great price point which makes it a very affordable EHR option even for smaller medical practices. The software helps you take care of administrative tasks in no time at all. This means you can use the rest of your free time to do other tasks and do not have to expend too much energy on administrative work. The software also has a great claims feature which allows you to make the entire claims filing process much easier. This helps you to increase cash flow in your practice as your claims are process much fast. 


Epic EHR is perhaps the most well known EHR software in the country. This software has a multitude of features that make it a popular choice among medical practices. The software has an appointment management feature that helps you to manage your appointments seamlessly. This means you can easily schedule as many patients in a day as possible. The software also has a waitlist feature which then schedules any appointments for ones that are cancelling. There are no wasted appointments during your workday which helps you make sure you are doing the most for every workday as you possibly can! 


Cerner EMR is the next software on our list. This software has a great patient education based tool. This tool helps you out in helping educate patients about their diagnosis, treatment and more. A lot of times patients want to know as much as they can about their illness. The best way to educate them is by giving them resources they can consult. With Cerner EHR, you can easily allow patients to use the software to access a patient portal through which they can access these informative patient education tools to learn more about their own diagnosis and treatment plan. 


The patient portal itself is also very helpful in how it keeps patients on top of everything related to their treatment at your practice. The patient portal allows for a reduction in your administrative duties as well. Because patients can use the tool to book their own appointments, look at their upcoming schedule and more. This allows them to take care of menial tasks so that you do not have to!


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