5 lighting design ideas to brighten up your home

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For many of us, intelligent design entails developing a workable floor plan, bringing in a show-stopping sofa, and deliberating over the colours to use to make a space feel welcoming and uplifting. Despite the fact that lighting is the single most critical part of interior design, it is frequently overlooked.

We tend to put off thinking about how to light our houses until the very last phases of the decorating process, preoccupied with choosing furniture and wall decor. Lighting, on the other hand, can genuinely make or break a place, therefore developing a proper lighting plan is essential for creating both a functional and a comfortable living atmosphere.

There are so many fantastic options available to help you lift up your home with lighting, from antique chandeliers in the living room to mid-century modern pendants above the dining room table.

Here are some expert lighting suggestions for your home

First, master natural light

Take a time to observe the way natural light travels within your home before creating a dedicated Pinterest folder and starting pinning your fantasy antique chandeliers or amazing modernist huge pendants. Consider the changes you’ll notice throughout the year at various times of the day.

It’s important to remember that it’s not only about the light. It’s also about shadows. Play with drama and illusion by using the dance of the shadows. Continue to set the mood with vintage lighting once you’ve mastered natural light in your home.

Lighting your home

Remember to keep in mind the purpose of the space you are looking to illuminate before you make a purchase. In each room, create a mini-plan that covers the essentials and ensures that you’ll have just enough light to accomplish your tasks.

Be sure to consider both productivity and desired ambiance before committing to a specific piece of lighting.

Antique lighting that doubles as a source of light

Adding antique lighting to a room can add a lot of character. Antique chandeliers add texture and grace to classic, neutral rooms even when the lights are turned off.

Lighting that is sculptural, large, or colourful can be an excellent way to create an art-inspired visual vocabulary.

You can think of a chandelier as a beloved sculpture that deserves to be the focal point of a space.

Learn how to use lighting layers

To give each area more flexibility and intrigue, use a variety of lighting sources. Overhead lights, task lights, and accent lights are the three types of lighting to aim for.

The tiered method is ideal for producing a cosy cocoon environment while also adjusting to our changing demands over the course of the day or year. Instead of over-lighting the room, use multiple lighting sources across the floor plan to create a dialogue.

Vintage lighting can be used to create symmetry

Symmetry is without a doubt one of the most popular bedroom decor ideas right now. Interior designers have been experimenting with symmetry as a way to bring tranquilly and consistency into our ever-changing lives in recent years, and bedroom lighting appears to be the most appropriate for the job.

It’s very simple to get on board with this trend (and equally beneficial). On each side of the bed, place a pair of vintage table lamps, statement vintage wall lights, or eye-catching antique pendants.

Olicore Studio has a good assortment of vintage lighting, ranging from mid century lighting to modern lighting, if you’re a fan of vintage furniture. Visit their website to learn more about them.


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