5 factors to check in a PSD to WordPress website

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PSD to WordPress Conversion is an integral choice to lay your hands on appealing, functional and highly optimized websites. WordPress websites are undoubtedly in demand for online business, whatever niche.

Thus, an easy way to get a WP-website for your business too is via the PSD to WordPress Services. However, right after the conversion, there are certain things that you must be sure about in your PSD to WordPress website before setting it out to be live.

Want to know what they are?

Let’s dig in to find out!

PSD to WordPress is to convert the PhotoShop Design documents into WordPress themes. Later the theme gets under customization (if needed) to modify it according to the client’s needs. So it concerns design and coding. Obviously, web design, coding, and programming skills are necessary to perpetuate optimum quality conversion.

Is it cross-browser compatible?

Cross-browser compatibility means a website supports and adjusts with all the browsers (having different standards) identically. That is, the quality, speed, functionality, and performance should not be fluctuating. Plenty of browsers are in use to access the internet, for instance, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.

If the PSD to WordPress website isn’t cross-browser tested, you can’t guarantee it will work well whenever a user from another browser logs in to the website. Eventually, you might lose a considerable number of customers and hence conversions.

W3C Compliant 

To put it simply, W3C compliance means the HTML and CSS code of the website match up to the standards set by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Thus, your PSD to WordPress website should have a bug-free code that drives the smooth functioning of the website on the World Wide Web.

The websites not compliant with the W3C eventually cause inconvenience for the web users. Besides, the search engines will not crawl and index the web pages quickly and so affect the rankings.

Is your site SEO-friendly?

Another feature is to check the SEO-friendliness of the website. SEO is quite a sought-after technique in the website world due to ranking and visibility on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Being SEO-friendly means that the search engines should crawl each web page and the website efficiently. Thereby interpreting the content effectively and index it fastly.

So you can imagine how much it is essential to make sure your converted PSD to WordPress website is SEO-friendly.

Is it responsive?

Responsive websites can adjust to all screen sizes and windows (max to min) of the logged-in devices automatically and instantly. Like browsers, individuals have diverse choices and preferences concerning the device to approach the internet and the websites. Therefore, substantiate your hired PSD to WordPress Services that your converted website is responsive to all devices at all times.

Functionality Range 

Website functionality connotes how well a user can navigate the site and acquire the information they are seeking. Also, how the website responds to the users’ requests, for instance, purchasing and payment processing, etc.

More specifically, it is the user experience of the website. So ensure to look over the functionality and the features mentioned above before launching your websites.

To get W3C compliant and browser, device, and SEO-friendly PSD to WordPress website, it’s your job to hook up with the long-run experienced PSD to WordPress Services. Only then can you be sure about the quality conversion and an optimized website.



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