5 Effective Techniques to Increase Your Web Traffic Through SEO

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You have tried almost everything to attract more visits to your website but the results do not arrive. Perhaps you are taking the wrong paths or. Who knows, you consider that there is no balance between the time invested in those actions and the fruits obtained.

In your work to find answers to that permanent mystery. You have verified that many online marketers recommend the creation of valuable content that solves the usual search intentions among users with one purpose. It is to improve organic traffic.

But there are more SEO techniques to multiply web traffic without having to write like a maniac, create videos or design a brutal content strategy. Without further delay, continue reading this post because we are going to reel off each point in detail in this article.

What SEO Techniques Help Attract Visitors to Your Website Without Spending Hours Creating Content?

Often, you don’t need to write lengthy pieces of content in order to attract visitors. You can capture your audience’s attention with top-notch copy writing and well-placed keywords, too.

By targeting key phrases that people are already searching for—and optimizing your site accordingly. You can bring more traffic to your site than if you spent hours creating content no one will read or share.

It’s important to remember that search engine optimization techniques isn’t just about what techniques work. it’s also about how they affect users’ perceptions of a brand or product. In some cases, it’s as simple as finding a unique angle that positions you as an authority on an otherwise crowded topic.

1 – Previous study of the information architecture

Imagine that you walk into an appliance store for the first time. You have no idea where the air conditioning section is, just the one you want to visit.But there has been no problem. When you walked through the door, the different departments of the store were clearly differentiated and marked to perfection.

In just a few seconds, you were already in front of different air conditioning models evaluating their characteristics and prices. The same thing happens on a website.This information architecture must be based on the search intentions of user’s. In this way, at a glance they will get answers to their needs without wasting their time on the page. Google will know how to value this clarity in organic positioning.

2 – Design of a well-defined internal linking strategy

Do you always choose the same pages on your website to create internal links? This practice is incorrect because it results in an uneven distribution of internal popularity for each page.

We recommend that you develop a balanced interlinking strategy. Otherwise, you will end up reducing the relevance of the most important internal pages of that web project, reducing their ability to position themselves in Google and, therefore, attract qualified web traffic.

Follow this SEO technique to create an optimal internal linking: it gives relevance to the most decisive URLs in a first or second level of depth and, below them, always the less relevant pages.

3 – Improve the CTR of your website

We review the concept of CTR (Click Through Rate) or, in other words. The number of clicks a link gets compared to its number of impressions.

There are a variety of SEO techniques to optimize the snippet that appears in the results of our website in the Google SERPs. It helps increasing that percentage, a crucial aspect to improve traffic.

As Isabel recommends in the video, pay special attention to the wording of the title and description of each page.

  • In the title include the keyword, elements related to brand and benefits of service (shipping in 24 hours, free shipping costs …).
  • The description works with the main keyword and some secondary ones, in addition to including words such as price, offer, availability, delivery in 24 hours …

This collection of information helps to attract the attention of the user who in the face of the search results obtained. It will obtain signals that will respond to interests. It helps in prompting the click and the visit to the web to obtain more information.

4 -Optimization of the loading speed

According to the Sistrix blog, a user’s satisfaction decreases by 16% for every second of load elapsed. What are you waiting for to optimize the speed of your website to the maximum?

Google considers this aspect crucial and more so with the relevance given to the mobile versions of the websites. It happens since the launch of Mobile First Index in 2018.

For this reason, a website that loads its content at supersonic speed will always have more options to stand out in Google search results. Therefore attract more visits.

If at this time of the movie you still don’t know. However if your website is fast or moving at the speed of a snail, check it in seconds with the Google Page Speed ​​Insights tool.

With it, you will obtain an analysis of the content of page in both its mobile and desktop versions and will suggestions for speed improvement.

5 – Building a link building strategy with head

Once the information architecture has been defined, the internal linking profile has been established. However with changes implemented to improve the CTR of the web and the loading speed has been improved. It is possible to create an optimal link building strategy.

We do not recommend that you start this SEO technique beforehand to improve web traffic. As it helps the economic investment you will make would not bring the expected benefits.

Why? Because if you choose an authority website where they publish content that leads to site, transfer of power will be greater.

Of course, given the importance of this SEO techniques, pay attention to this video that collects the main errors in the development of link building strategies. Essential!

Final Words

In the SEO evolution of a web project, it is not enough to create content like crazy. There are a multitude of SEO techniques that help boost web traffic!

Hope the above discussed five important SEO techniques on Airra will help you to increase traffic and tasks that you must implement for the development of your website and its progressive growth.


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