5 Digital Learning Tools For College Students

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Technology has changed the very face of our lives. It has altered our living standards. Thanks to the technology which has made our lives easier and is continuing to add more comfort. Thanks to technology that even in a pandemic situation we can continue our activities.

Online learning was trending in past years because of its unique features. However, digital technology has advanced online learning to a large extent. Digital tools have transformed the learning tools making online learning more interesting for students. These digital tools provide more opportunities for students and teachers to experience a better learning environment. Due to the digital learning tools, the rate of students opting for online education is increasing day by day.

If you are a student and looking for some online course help, then you are in the right place. This article will tell you the best five digital learning tools which will ease in completing your online courses. Let’s have a look at a few of the five digital learning tools that will help you in learning excitingly.

5 Digital Learning Tools For College Students

We have gathered the following five best digital learning tools for you that will motivate you in learning, and will make your online studies interesting. Use the digital tools mentioned below and use them to have the best learning experience.

  1. Office Lens

One of the best digital tools that can make your learning easy is “Office Lens”. This application is available both for IOS and Android users. All you need to do is to simply install this application on your smartphones.

It is a convenient application that acts as a “document scanner”. You can use his application to digitize your classroom work. Office Lens allows the students to scan their lectures and makes notes on a word document using those images. This application uses your smartphones’ camera and scan images of lectures either written on the whiteboard, images of some presentation, or notes of your classmates.

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Now you do not have to sit down and note entire lectures on paper. You can simply use this application and can capture everything. The best part of this application is that it allows users to create word documents of those images. Using this you can create a separate word file for each document lecture. It will help you in organizing your work, and all your lectures will get save in one place. Later on, you can create a separate folder for each subject that will keep your work organized.

  1. Study Blue

Study Blue is another digital tool that provides students a better learning experience. This application focuses on making study easier and interactive. StudyBlue application is based on flashcards. The application has inbuilt flashcards that you can customize and use for noting important points. It also allows the students to share the created flashcards with their classmates.

This application also has syncing property. You can sync your Google Drive or your cloud account with the application. Syncing with your account will help in generating backup and all your created flashcards will get saved here automatically. Thus, you can recover your work in case of any loss.

StudyBlue has proved to be a beneficial application for the students as flashcards are always used as a good learning skill. You can use this application to make your learning easy by noting down all the important points from your lecture. Flashcards always help in remembering things easily, and when you get this thing in digital form, this application is best for you. Quiz, Cramlet, and Brainstorm are similar applications that you can also use as an alternate. This application is also available for Windows, IOS, and Android users.

  1. Selfcontrol

Online education without any doubt comes with numerous advantages such as flexibility, easy pace learning, less expensive, etc. however, most students complain that they easily get distracted during an online class. Well, if you are an online learning student and easily get distracted by different game websites or music during class. Then we have figured out the best solution to this problem.

SelfControl is a popular application designed to help students to continue their online education without any distraction. This application blocks all the websites that might distract you and breaks your studying tempo. The application “SelfControl” is fruitful for college students and helps them to continue their online learning easily.

All you need to do is to download the SelfControl application on your desktop or your smartphones. Once you are done with the downloading, complete the necessary steps such as name, email address, etc. Then add those websites which you want to block for a few hours. Doing this will not distract your mind during the online study, and you can complete your study hours without any distraction. With this application, you can set your timings in which you want to block distracting websites.

  1. Coursera

You don’t need to learn in an actual live online class. Where you need to enroll in your online class at the exact timing and sit down to conduct live lectures from your teachers. Many students who study and do a job at the same time usually miss their online classes because of the clash of timings. To save from all the hustle we have the best digital learning tool for you, which can help you to learn openly.

Learning does not mean to sit in class and enhance your knowledge. To change this concept, Coursera offers its open online courses. This website holds multiple online courses ranging from business, engineering, gaming, cooking, dancing, etc. You can learn whatever you want and whenever you want.

All you need to do is to log in to this website and get enroll in your favorite online course. The best part of this website is recorded in expert lectures. You can learn your favorite course at your ease. So if you do a job and wish to continue your education, then Coursera is the best digital tool available for you. It facilitates you to learn online with flexibility. You can access your online course at any place and at any time you want.

  1. Dragon Microphone

Last but not the least, another popular digital educational tool is the “Dragon Microphone”. This application is a wonderful classroom aid as it helps in converting sound to speech. It means that at any point in your lecture if you cannot understand your teachers’ voice then you can use this application to convert voice into speech.

Dragon Microphone application acts as a subtitle in your lectures. Using this application you can easily make notes from voice. Isn’t it so cool? If you are lazy in noting down the points during the lecture, then this app is for you. This application aids you to note down your lectures within no time. So what are you waiting for? Download this application on your android or IOS smartphones or on your computer system to make your learning easy.

These are the best five digital tools that can provide you a better online learning experience. If still, you face difficulties then we recommend you to take my online class for me help from any reliable organization. Before this, implement the above-mentioned tools and enjoy your learning.



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