5 Best Things You Need To Know About KTM RC 390

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KTM’s new upgrade to the RC 390 promises more than just a power boost, even though it was upgraded as recently as 2017. It is all about getting a new lateral exhaust and revised setup on the bike. The new KTM has a total output of 42.0 horsepower at 9900 rpm, 39.7 at 8900 for our 2015 model. The strength of a single 373cc, which KTM says only weighs 79 pounds, is very impressive.

The peak torque is almost similar — the current bike is 24.4-pound-feet vs 24.6 for the 2015 model. However, the peak for the new bike is 8300, an improvement on 7000 rpm of the old bike. Eventually, the updated versions of the KTM RC 390 and RC 200 were launched in the region. Both bikes now comply with the emission requirements of BS6, but it is the RC 390 that has many modifications.

Appearance and looks of RC 390

Looking at the photos from the launch case, the cosmetic improvements to the RC 390 are evident and will dramatically increase the presence of the bike on the road. The sporty bright white and glossy black graphic setup and orange details on the fairing and in places are much more flamboyant than the somewhat bland colour scheme of the previous bike.

In addition, for the first time, the bike has been given UV resistant paint, which will improve the durability of the paint. The ‘RC 390’ moniker under and on either side of the pillion seat, which receives 12 mm of extra padding for added comfort, is also notable.

Features of 2017 RC 390

The RC 390 has been awarded several new features. The bike has new customisable brake levers and clutch levers. It also gets larger rear-view mirrors, making them more functional, something that the previous models struggled, and with a better field of view.

KTM RC 390 also has smart features such as EVAP, preventing vaporising fuel loss, and CAN BUS, a centralised switchboard, so that inside the carving of the bike no loose cables are hanging around. It also features a larger front disc brake, 320 mm over the previous 300 mm.


The engine is the same four-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder 373.2cc unit with slight tweaks. But the engine now has ride-by-wire technology, making the bike more responsive and more appropriate for use on the track. The torque gets bumped by 1Nm to 36 Nm while the power stays unchanged at 43.5 PS. However, the machine retains the slipper clutch matched to the race-tuned 6-speed gearbox.


Bajaj has always ensured that the most competitively priced KTMs are available on the KTM bikes price list, without much variation. The RC 390 is the most affordable super-sporting machine in its category at Rs 2.25 lakhs. Obviously, there will be an increased flux of questions about the bike in the 325 KTM showrooms across the country.


This one is interesting now — the current RC 390 is much heavier than the previous bike. It has gained over 15 kgs with a dry weight of 163.5 kg. The new and bulky BS6 compliant exhaust unit is the most obvious explanation for this. The official figures of 0-100kmph and top speed are not shared yet. The ride-by-wire technology can make the throttle response smoother, but it is yet to be checked if the bike is faster than before.


KTM offers you the opportunity, of course at a price, to use a bunch of hop parts and kits for the RC to take your lightweight adventure in road racing as far as your bank account dares. There is also a complete SSP300 package in work that enables you to run your own World Super Sportbike. The RC390 R with a fully adjustable WP suspension, and a stouter engine will be also here soon.


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