5 Best Handbag Brands in India

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Thanks to the ever-changing choices of the people and the heavy influence of Western Society, the Indian handbag market has gone through a lot of transition. Even though the fashion accessory is now no longer an essential purchase, it helps to make a strong statement if the handbag style and color match your personality.

This means that the demand for handbags continues to rise in modern Indian society, and the most popular handbag brands dominate the Indian market for handbags with ease.

So here are five handbag brands in India that are widely famous throughout the country.


  1. Da Milano~

In the present day, Da Milano is one of the leading handbag brands present in India. The company has more than six decades of experience in the manufacturing of leather goods.

The accessories of Da Milano have been designed with a sense of sophistication, creativity, elegance by using state-of-the-art technology. Other than handbags, they also have portfolio bags, wallets, travel bags, and several accessories to offer.

Select CITYWALK is a shopping center in Delhi where people can dine, meet and shop together. You can find Da Milano stores in Delhi on the first floor of Select CITYWALK.


  1. Hidesign~

Hidesign is presently one of the most popular handbag brands in the world. This company provides personalized service and perfect quality products, which is what makes them a favorite choice for the customers.

As a renowned company in the global market, the presence of the leading handbag brand is well known in the UK, the US, and a few other European countries as well. Moreover, it has a strong distribution network across 23 different countries, which is quite impressive.


  1. Baggit~

Baggit is a company that was founded by Nina Lekhi in 1990. The company is now a famous handbag brand known throughout the country. It manufactures high-quality handbags at affordable price rates for women in general.

The other products that Baggit specializes in designing are multi-utility pouches, belts, wallets, caps, and several other related accessories. Baggit has made its presence known on the e-commerce platforms like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon as well.


  1. Caprese~

The VIP Industries have earned major recognition through their popular handbag brand Caprese. The Caprese has been made an iconic mass premium handbag brand in India. The ladies handbag market is never complete without one of their products.

Caprese has been a major growth driver for the VIP Industries, as the company dominates the luggage industry and holds over it their 52% market share. Lifestyle, Central, and Pantaloons offer the wonderful products of this handbag brand in their department store chains to be made available for public use too.


  1. The House of Tara~

One of the leading handbag brands in India, The House of Tara, is widely known for its manufacturing of casual, stylish bags instead of traditional designs. Their affordable price rates make them an ideal gift for occasions.


All of the above are leading brands in the market. So get your own handbag today!!


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