5 best food you should carry while you are on solo trip

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Solo travelling is a great way to indulge and know yourself completely. It is so much fun to travel alone and explore the world on your own terms. Solo travelling and adventure go hand in hand. However, packing and planning for a solo trip can be nerve wracking, especially if it is your first solo trip. Packing is a crucial step while travelling. You can’t carry all of your possessions. It is always best to travel light. So, you need to make a list of essentials that you might need on the trip and pack accordingly.

If you are travelling alone, you are sure to get bored at any point of the trip, or you might be feeling hungry or craving for food before reaching the hotel, or you might just miss home food or your kind of food. So, it is advisable to pack food for yourself while travelling alone. We tend to crave food when we are bored. This happens frequently with people who travel.  You just want to snack endlessly. However, you can’t have the same food that you have while you are at home. It is necessary for you to maintain your calories and eat healthy to enjoy the rest of your trip. After all, no one wants their perfectly planned trip ruined because of ill health. In this article, we are going to discuss ways to pack your bag full of healthy snacks, loaded with proteins, fiber.

5 best foods to carry for solo trip

Travelling comes with exploring the local cuisine of the place. But sometimes, if you are low on your budget, or crave for your home food, there is always an option to pack food in your travel bag. You have a variety of options out there. You can pack food according to your taste. You can pacify your cravings with ready to eat food for travel. However, if you are health conscious and want to enjoy the rest of your trip guilt- free, here are some healthy alternatives of snacks for solo travellers.


Popcorn is a versatile snack. It can be your movie time snacking to your travel time snacking. Making popcorn doesn’t require much effort. You can customize and cook it according to your needs, rather than stopping by the gas station to get a stale version of popcorn. You can make your pack of popcorn by adding some cheese, mustard oil or cold pressed sesame oil, topped with a pinch of black pepper. Popcorn is loaded with fiber and several complex carbs that provide you with energy on your trips. They are a great food to carry while you are driving alone as you can take a handful of popcorn and focus on your driving, while keeping yourself full. Avoid using microwave popcorn which is loaded with chemicals. Instead, grab some natural popcorn kernels and make your own recipe.

Nuts, seeds and dry fruits

If you are someone who enjoys some crunchy munching, then this snack is for you. Instead of buying snacks from stores, which are loaded with unwanted calories, you can buy a handful of nuts, seeds and dry fruits, mix them together with some mustard oil or cold pressed sesame oil, lemon juice and enjoy it guilt-free. If not, you can just carry your favourite nuts and dry fruits separately. They are portable and a convenient option for travellers. They occupy little space in your backpack and come with longer shelf life. Nuts, seeds and dry fruits come with lots of minerals, antioxidants, fibers and proteins, that keep you energized for the rest of your trip. They are the best go to option if you are travelling on terrain that causes you to burn a lot of calories.

Protein Bars

Protein bars have recently shot up to popularity. As a traveller, you need to have the right protein intake in order to keep yourself healthy and stave off hunger. Protein bars are a great energy source, full of high quality protein. They come in all varieties, meeting everyone’s dietary requirements. They are portable and come with a stable shelf life. Be wise while choosing your protein bars. Prefer products with whole-food ingredients. While there are countless protein bars with crazy amounts of sugar and preservatives, it is best to not get tempted by them. They do you more harm than benefit.


Travellers tend to avoid carrying fresh meat as it needs refrigeration and comes with very less shelf life. However, if you are a meat lover, who can’t stay away from it for a long time, jerky is an excellent option for you. Jerky is packed up with proteins. It is made by drying up meat or fish thereby increasing its shelf life. It is the best way to satisfy your hunger and meat cravings. The best part of jerky is its lightweight and occupies less storage space. Avoid purchasing jerky from gas stations as they come with loaded preservatives.


Cheese can be used as both a flavouring agent and a source of protein and healthy fats while travelling. Hard cheese and string cheese come with a stable shelf life, because of their low moisture content compared to soft cheese. There’s no particular age to have cheese. You can enjoy it with dry fruits, popcorn or fruits like apples. Cheese is loaded with healthy fats, minerals like calcium and phosphorus, and some complex carbs, making it the best snacking option while travelling. It keeps you full along with increasing your energy levels.

While you can’t really carry a solid lunch while travelling, the above mentioned foods will keep you full along with catering to your dietary requirements. You can even purchase fruits that are available locally. They keep you fresh and energized for the rest of your trip.


It is always better to plan ahead, especially if you are looking for healthy snacking. You can’t get natural products everywhere. Try to make your purchases early rather than postponing them to the last minute. Avoid purchasing snacks from gas stations as they come with more preservatives and less nutrition. Choose the right containers and prefer using more disposable ones so that you can discard them after use, instead of carrying empty containers. Use ziploc bags for packing liquids if any and avoid carrying foods with low shelf life.


You might be tempted to have unhealthy food. But you need to motivate yourself to enjoy healthy alternatives. No matter what your travel destination is, you need to choose nutritious and portable foods that will keep you fuelled throughout your trip.


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