5 Best Email Hosting Services for Business

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81% of SMBs still depend on email as it’s their primary channel for customer acquisition. It settles that sending emails is still an excellent way to make direct contact and impact. Every day, businesses have to send and receive thousands of emails to keep everything in line. Therefore, email hosting services have become a primary solicitude for business people. There are various hosting service providers who offer reliable web hosting services, business email setup guides and security software for their customers.

That’s why it’s necessary to entrust email hosting to experts. That way, when a customer receives your company name email, they can search your organization online to learn more about your products or services that might catch their attention.

Various organizations are offering the services of email hosting services. But, choosing one of them is quite daunting. However, let’s make it possible for you. The following guide lists the best email hosting services for your organization.

Let’s get started!

Why Do You Require Business Email Setup Services?

Businesses using free services can seem unprofessional. Hence, it can lead people to perceive your organization as a fly-by-night. Some people mistakenly think that you are not taking your business seriously, while others may think that your business won’t exist in the long run. There is a high probability that your business will become vulnerable to cybercriminals. And this is the last thing you can wish for your business!

Hence, investing a small amount in email hosting can save your business from negative experiences and get your business recognized as trustworthy.

Best Email Hosting Services for Business

  • Oryon Networks

Oryon Networks has offered services of hosting and cloud and server support Singapore for small and medium-sized businesses since 2004. Additionally, they also offer website hosting, domain name registrations, security management, managed cloud servers, and enterprise email hosting with partners like Google and Microsoft. The qualified system engineers of the company provide professional and outstanding customer service. Let Oryon manage your email, which is accessible from mobile devices.

  • G Suite

G Suite offers an administrative control panel and a bunch of cool features without any annoying ads. Email hosting is equipped with tools designed to increase business productivity, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently! G Suit hasn’t only made email communication simple but innovative where you can collaborate in real-time with files and access your calendar to schedule appointments. Its features include Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Google-Meet, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, Apps Scripts, Drive, Cloud Search, Keep, Endpoint, G Suite training, etc.

  • Office 365

Choosing Microsoft 365 means you’ll have access to email, shared calendars, and contacts from anywhere in the world using any device connected to the Internet. You can remotely erase emails to keep your corporate information safe and sound. Microsoft 365 gives you the ability to customize each email message by creating custom formats using the domain name, images, and more. With this email hosting, you can send files up to 150MB. In addition, 100 GB of memory is provided for storing e-mail messages with custom images and formats.

  • FastMail

Fastmail allows you to create emails for your business that will fit your website while providing ease and ease of customization. The service allows you to effectively manage your e-mail messages. It’s also possible to share your email folders, contacts, and calendars with your team to quickly share information and schedule meetings. Using FastMail, you can control your email access levels and use advanced options to keep your data secure.

  • Rackspace

If you’re looking for a low-cost business email setup option, Rackspace is one of the best options on offer. Small businesses can give their email a professional look without investing a lot of money. With premium filtering, your inbox will be spam and malware-free. In addition, it ensures complete confidentiality and security of confidential corporate data. Rackspace also provides you with easy professional migration from legacy email to new and corporate email with the help of its highly trained staff.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned email service providers won’t only make your task easy and simple to handle business communications. But it also enhances overall business performance.

Email is evolving with new and innovative features that make it easy to communicate with your partners, buyers, visitors, subscribers, consumers, and potential customers. With the above email hosting services, you can easily manage your email, keep your data safe, and build customer confidence.


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