5 Best Bitcoin Wallets to Buy Dubai Properties in 2021

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Buying Dubai property with crypto currency is not alien to the investors today and therefore, one can see the purchase of land and property by those coveted digital assets known as Bitcoin Wallets to Buy Dubai Properties. As explained in the earlier blog, cryptocurrency is stored in a range of crypto wallets that come with their own individual characteristics. Having said that, it is understandable that the most famous currency, i.e., Bitcoin also operates and stores its assets in a wallet.

Highlighting Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most famous and common currency of the Crypto world. While other currencies have come and gone, Bitcoin has remained a common interest for people despite its inherent volatile nature. Today, Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars and is a favorite among buyers, sellers and investors.

The latest trend of 2021 has seen bitcoin grow even more and increase its value by manifolds.  With having so much popularity, Bitcoins are great for the purchase of real estate today. Investors and buyers alike find bitcoin as an easier and convenient way of buying real estate because it provides an easy and transparent framework and ensures instant settlements and ownership.

Therefore, Crptoforrealty has come up with the list of best Bitcoin wallets to buy real estate in 2021. With the growing demand of Bitcoin in every sector, these wallets provide convenience, data, and asset security along with smooth transactions.

 The 5 Best Bitcoin Wallets to Buy Dubai Properties in 2021

1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the second generation of Bitcoin Wallets by a French company named Ledger. This company has been in the business and system of cryptocurrencies for years now. Their first product, Ledger Nano S was one of the first hardware wallets in the market and was the best in its field.

As Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet, it is designed like a USB device and can be connected with any device ranging from your desktop to your mobile phone. The connection can be made via Bluetooth or plugins available on particular devices. This wallet supports over 1500 cryptocurrencies and keeps adapting to the new suggestions of the user. Furthermore, it comes equipped with Ledger Live software that includes the interface for all the holdings.

The interface enables the users to add new wallets in accordance with the different cryptocurrencies in the software and manage their portfolios with ease. What makes this wallet the first runner in the list of best bitcoin wallets to buy Dubai properties is its physical nature. Furthermore, it guarantees the safety and security of your data assets. It also ensures a transparent payment process and allows the buyer and seller to interact directly.

2. Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T also stands as a proud second entrant in the list of best bitcoin wallets to buy real estate in 2021. This is also a cold storage wallet that supports Bitcoin and many other digital currencies. Its operational framework is similar to Ledger Nano X with the exception of giving its users access to third-party exchanges. The most commonly used third-party exchanges in this regard are Changelly and Shapeshift.

This wallet comes equipped with a Type-C cable so that it can be connected easily with any laptop, desktop, smartphone, or another device. Supporting a total of 1400 cryptocurrencies, this wallet is termed more secure in usage than the Ledger Nano X. The features that make it best for real estate purchases are the Touch Screen and MicroSD slot. The touch screen enables fast-paced functions to be conducted with just a few taps. The Micro SD slot helps you to further encrypt the PIN ensure your device’s protection from malware and attacks. Also, it does not use Bluetooth for its connection with other devices and that adds a more plus point to it in terms of maintaining a strong guard from the virus.

3. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is the first-ever creation of the Leger Corporation. This Bitcoin wallet paved the way for many cold storage wallets to come on the scene later on. Since it is the first generation of wallets delivered by Ledger, this crypto product does not use a USB type C cable to connect with other devices.

Its operational framework is the same as its invention of second-generation with the only differences of having no Bluetooth and supporting a total of 18 currencies. Analysts still find Ledger Nano S as a safe option for using and buying real estate because it stores the wallet’s information and the bitcoins on Blockchain bitcoin wallets to buy Dubai properties upon installation of another wallet framework in its device. So this allows the storage of cryptocurrency at a very fair price. It is simple and easy to use with an interface that is plain and seamless.

4. Exodus

Since these wallets dwell in the realm of the Internet, they come up with a simple interface and built-in exchange that allows a smooth process of trades and purchases and guarantees the protection of your Bitcoins.

What makes it a great entrant in the list of best bitcoin wallets to buy Dubai property in 2021 is its custom fees that ensure the safety and a smooth run of the transaction process. Furthermore, the code of this wallet is not open to everyone which is in fact, against the direct nature of Bitcoin which is an open-source to the world since its inception. But analysts consider this a great advantage as in transactions like property purchase and other alike, the privacy of the wallet’s code can save your assets from unnecessary hacks and attacks, thereby, guaranteeing the safety of your digital assets.

5. Electrum

Our last selection for this list is definitely the Electrum Wallet for Bitcoins. Invented in 2011, it says a constant favorite for every Bitcoin trader and investor alike, and here is why. Furthermore, its nature of open-source allows the users to set a custom transaction fee. So that makes it, even more, a handful in buying real estate because it proves to be cost-effective in that regard. The security levels inculcated in this wallet allow the users to use two-factor authentication, multi-signature wallets and lengthen the seed phrase with more custom words.

Therefore, these top 5 Bitcoin wallets will allow you to buy Dubai property without any obstacles and hassles. Select the one that suits your needs and use it accordingly.


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