3PL Fulfillment Services For Different Businesses

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In today’s fast paced era of ecommerce business growth, we have already heard about companies opting for 3PL Services from different logistic service providers. Why? Because a third-party company offers a reliable service with some additional perks by working with them and of course a reasonable way to save money. A lot of businesses prefer giving their products to these service providers and are now quitting in house warehouses.

To know better about 3PL services we have divided this blog in to various parts for the ease of readers and to get a sound knowledge of how this service works.

What Is 3PL Service?

3PL service stands for Third Party Logistics, it is a type of service that manages transportation, packing and delivery of goods and other supply chain processes. By consulting a third-party logistics service, you allow them to handle all of your stuff related to supply chain. These processes include:

  • Handling of returns.
  • Managing and organizing the inventory on company’s behalf.
  • Packing, Receiving and transportation of orders.


You can get several advantages from a fulfillment service that include:

Pick and Pack: This process includes picking up the item from company, pack it into the box to make it secure, and then send it out for the delivery now this method is way more time saving and efficient for companies.

Kitting and Assembly: This process includes picking up different items of a single category together pack them and then present as a single item. Like a combo of hair supplies that includes a pack of shampoo with conditioner and hair oil.

Reverse Logistics: It is just a fancy name for reclaiming returns, in this process orders that have been returned from the costumers are thoroughly checked after proper evaluation, items that are not faulty can be sold as new and even items with a minor fault can generate a handsome revenue.


Who Can Take Benefits From This Service?

No matter what kind of business you known, 3PL service covers a vast ground when it come to offering service to different types of businesses. We have gathered some details on who can get more out of a fulfillment service.

Entrepreneurs: If you have quit a standard 9 to 5 and now you own a business of your own, then there are responsibilities and work that you need to do by yourself, no matter what kind of startup or business you run. Nothing to worry about a fulfillment service can cover almost every aspect of your business feel free to contact one.

Artist: If you make your content whether it is painting, digital art, stickers or any other artistic product and want to sell it by printing then doing this much work will surely get you exhausted, but you can rely on a 3PL service for these services and then you can just focus on creating art for your admirers.

Designers: A designer can make anything more vibrant and interesting ranging from clothes, home interiors, antiques and any other useful thing, but if you have a vast variety of products to sell then you can ease your mind by contacting a fulfillment service and let them worry about delivering your product to your customer’s doorstep.

Large Retailer: If you a retailer and you have a quantity of products, it is better for you consider options instead of just relying on your in-house warehouse. Being in contact with a reliable 3PL service can assure you the on-time delivery of products.


No matter what kind of business you own, always try some time to find a 3PL service provider if you want some relaxation and easy of mind regarding customer satisfaction. A reliable service always takes good care of your orders and returns without your day-to-day attention.


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