3 Must Read Books to Improve your health and overall, well being

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Do you believe in making new year resolutions? And do your new year resolutions consist of maintaining a healthy lifestyle (eating meals in proportion, exercise)? And then ultimately after some days or weeks you give up and come back to your previous lifestyle? Read on to know how you can stick to these resolutions and live a healthy life.

Ikigai by Hector Garcia Puigcerver and Francesc Miralles

Did you know that Japan is home to the world’s healthiest people? What inspires them to do things differently as compared to the rest of the world? Do you also want to live until 100 years? If yes and you want to know about living a healthy life, then you can read book summaries and audio book summaries on the RollingSlate website.

As you know, almost one third of Japan’s population consists of older people (people above the age of 65). Okinawa, a city in Japan, has the highest number of centenarians. (People who are 100 years old) Want to know their secret of longevity? They believe in Ikigai which means the purpose of life. Ikigai comprises four different aspects- where your passion lies, what are your talents, how you can make a living out of it, and what is needed in the world. 

Okinawans also practice a habit of portion control called hara hachi bu which means they eat until they’re 80% full and then stop at it. They don’t stuff themselves with food. This practice ensures they live a happy, long, and healthy life.

In order to live a life full of contentment and have a sense of purpose you must try to keep your brain super active and stress levels in control. Chess and engaging in other mind games prevents brain fog while Deep Japanese Therapy or Morita Therapy helps keeping stress levels down which in turn keeps all the diseases at bay. Want to learn about Morita Therapy?

Japanese people always engage themselves in a hobby that makes them feel young, passionate. It is believed that engaging in an activity that you love doing, which returns your zeal towards life, that activity will increase your life expectancy.

Some life lessons from Japanese centennials to live a remarkable life: They suggest people to inculcate healthy habits like waking up early in the morning, working out, making real and lifelong connections with people, keeping stress levels as low as possible, growing your own veggies and consuming home cooked food as much as possible.

Breath by James Nestor

Breath focuses on the power and potential of breathing. Did you know Inculcating different methods of breathing to your daily life can improve your overall health? Conscious breathing methods are a catalyst for a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

In order to understand this, it is important to get to the basics. Author James Nestor instructs the people to breathe through their nose and not with their mouths. While half of the population does the exact opposite. Nose acts as an in- built filter. It takes in the air, cleans it, warms it, and then finally moisturises it. In case you breathe through your mouth, none of these activities get fulfilled. Want to know more about this topic? You can read book summaries and audio book summaries on popular book summary websites.

Breathing Out is equally important just like Breathing In. Usually what happens is that people don’t use their diaphragm to its full potential. Slow breathing during meditation can give unexpected results. When we meditate and simultaneously focus on our breathing- it helps in soothing our nerves, blood flow to the brain increases which in turn increases one’s productivity. Do you ever think about how yogis meditate and focus in the Himalayas where the temperatures are super low? The yogi’s practice Tummo or inner fire technique which helps them keep their insides warm just by focusing on their breath.

Life Lessons from A Brain Surgeon by Rahul Jandial

This book gives an insight into the human brain and its cognitive functions. Author Rahul Jandial discards all the outdated theories that are associated with the human brain and provides up to date ones. He also states some important facts and details about brain -like artistic brain being left hand dominant, what lifestyle changes should one make in order to reduce the chances of developing dementia.

Just like all habits can be improved with practice and consistency, our brain functioning can be enhanced by brain training. Scientists and researchers believe that the cognitive ability of the human brain has increased manifolds since the last decade due to the advent of social media. This process is known as the ‘Flynn effect.’ To read in detail about the Flynn effect, you can read book summaries and audio book summaries on the RollingSlate website.

The author also talks about the benefits of sleeping for good memory and intermittent fasting for good mental health.


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