3 Key Topics to Consider before Implementing Retail Digital Directories

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As many retail malls start to incorporate digital signage, wayfinding directories, and digital advertising platforms within their centers; many considerations must be taken into account to ensure you obtain the best return on investment while providing a great experience for your visitors.

Digital signage and directory solutions don’t need to be complicated, but with all the advancements in software technology, you must have a strong set of goals in mind for what you want your digital experience to accomplish.

In this edition of Acquire Talks, we dive into the world of retail digital directory solutions and take a closer look at some of the key considerations retail malls need to think about before deploying a new solution.

Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising:

Yes, this is a no-brainer! You should be thinking about potential digital-out-of-home advertising capabilities when you bring digital into your center. It’s not 1995 anymore, those old static poster boards are gone and digital will help bring your advertising possibilities to the next level.

There are many types of ads you can show on the displays including static, video commercials, internal branding, promotions, and interactive advertisements. For retail malls, you should consider one set of content to drive consumers to use and interact with the digital directory, and the second set to engage passing shoppers.

The goal of retail digital directories is to get consumers to use them which opens a new set of marketing possibilities. Some of these include marketing data collection, tailored advertisements, and the opportunity to push consumers towards YOUR tenant’s stores.

When you think of DOOH advertising , there are tons of options that can drive you to your goals. First, you need to understand if your internal team can sell advertising space internally or if you need to use a third-party platform to bring in national ad campaigns. Additionally, there are options to have a mix of both.

The pros of being able to sell advertisements internally are that you can pocket more of the ad revenue you generate but it does take more time and resources to sell the ad space. Plus, you can give priority ad placements to your internal mall tenants.

For those of us that don’t have the time or resources to sit around and sell DOOH ad space, you’re in luck. Many ad placement networks can help you set up national and local advertisements. Do your research, they are out there! The only con to this is that they typically take a commission of the ads that are sold on the displays.

Whatever your strategy ends up being, be sure the advertising plan produces an ROI and helps drive your internal marketing and advertising goals.

Mobile Capabilities:

The future is now and we all know that consumers can’t go more than 2.7 seconds without looking at their smartphone. Well maybe it’s a bit longer than 2.7 seconds but you get the point.

Smartphones are the future of shopping experiences and you must take this into account when implementing an interactive digital directory. The question you may ask is how we get access to a consumer smartphone, yes sounds creepy but this is what the advertising and marketing world has come to.

Mobile capabilities should be taken into account as you want to make sure your solution includes ways for consumers to take mapping and promotional information with them. If you can’t get a consumer to transfer information directly from the kiosk to their phones; then you should consider designing the user interface to collect consumer data or to sign up to your e-mail or texting club.

In conclusion, retail mall properties will continue to embrace digital signage and directory solutions, and the stakes are high to produce a solution that works well for your properties’ needs and goals. Working with a software provider that takes a deep dive into your needs and goals will go a long way when you get to the deployment stage.

Where does Acquire Digital fit into retail center deployments?

Acquire has deployed thousands of digital directory and wayfinding solutions for retail properties around the world and is considered the industry leader within the retail space. Our team of expert digital signage consultants can help guide your organization through the key points mentioned above and the many others that we didn’t get to in this post.


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