3 Easy Steps of Cleaning Your Mini Coil

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Vape coils may help or hurt your vaping experience, regardless of the type of gadget you’re using. You must maintain your vaping equipment in the best condition. Not only will this maintain the coil in excellent working order, but it will also save you money and time.

When getting that aspire coils nautilus, you should know that the lifespan of a new coil ought to be approximately seven to fourteen days. However, when vaporized, most e-juices leave a thin layer of residue. This clogs your gadget by accumulating on your wicks or coils. Regularly cleaning your vape equipment has a lot of benefits, including:

  • It extends the life of your coil and tank.
  • Better Functionality
  • You get flavor 

Below are some pointers on how to clean your mini coil and enjoy its full benefits.

Cleaning Replaceable Coils

Clearomizers and sub-ohm tanks use these coil heads. Inspect for coil gunk or rather a coil crust to see if your mini coil needs cleaning. That dark material that accumulates on the atomizer coil each day needs to be cleaned off regularly.

Except for unflavored e-juices, most e-juices leave a film on the mini coil. Sweetened types, on the other hand, are the worst culprits, forming crusts faster. The amount of time the residue accumulates depends on how frequently you vape.

To avoid experiencing the sour, burnt flavor, you may have to change the mini coil; however, giving it a good cleaning before doing so will help to increase its longevity and delay the replacement. Cleaning the mini coil can be done in one of two ways.

  • Soaking


Water – Users can immerse the mini coil in water to eliminate some residues with this procedure. While water can assist in relieving some of the coil’s stress, it is not recommended. This is because, after cleaning the coil with water, you must wait till the wick is completely dry before using it.

Ethanol – It is a better alternative. Immerse the mini coil in ethanol for a couple of hours. After that, you remove the coil and rinse it under tap water. After that, rinse the mini coil one more time with distilled water.

Blow air into the mini coil from the open side to allow water to enter the wicking openings. Put the mini coil away till the water has vaporized. If you can’t get ethanol, you can immerse the mini coil in vinegar or cheap vodka. While the soaking technique takes a lot more patience and time, it is far more thorough and removes most of the residue in a single cleanup.

  • Quick Swabbing


You could use the rapid swabbing method if you cannot wait several hours to have your mini coils up and running. This approach necessitates more frequent cleaning but takes a couple of minutes each time. It effectively removes the gunk that builds throughout the day before hardening and becoming hard to remove.

The film burns and changes color if left on the mini coils for an extended period, eventually causing the mini coil to burn out. A q-tip drenched in vinegar or ethanol is all you’ll require to swab. Swab each moment you re-wick to change flavors. It’s a straightforward and efficient method for extending the coil’s lifespan.

Cleaning Re-buildable Mini Coils


Rebuildable coils require a higher level of responsibility. Cleaning the rebuildable mini coils is an excellent idea and also something you need to do. The coils fail in terms of flavor and vapor generation if they are not clean. Thankfully, the procedure is straightforward. By implementing these simple instructions, you can get the mini coils back to their original state in no time.

  • Remove the mini coils first.
  • Lightly dry burn the mini coils. Make sure they don’t glow too much.
  • Once the dry burn is complete, disconnect the coil from the mod.
  • Place the atomizer under tap water.
  • If you can’t coil cleaning equipment, carefully scrub them with a soft brush such as a toothbrush.
  • After you’ve done scrubbing, give it another rinse.
  • Run the mini coil through one final dry burn to eliminate any water droplets that may have remained.
  • Re-wick and rebuild and your coil is set for use in no time.

When to Change Your Mini Coil

Cleaning doesn’t eliminate the need to replace the mini coil. It just serves to extend the coil’s lifespan. The mini coil will eventually need to be replaced despite your cleaning efforts. It would be best to recognize when to replace the coil to avoid wasting energy and cleaning while seeing no change in vaping experience. It’s necessary to change the mini coil if it has permanently changed color or creates a burnt taste even after a cleanup. It is pointless to clean it. The results are not expected to change.



These coil cleaning techniques aren’t just for when you have a horrible burnt taste in your mouth. Vaping requires constant cleaning and maintenance of your vape device and should be done regularly.


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