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We all know how handy a screencast can be. If you get some funny message, you can make a screencast of it and share it with your friends hassle-free. In the age of social networking, it is hard to imagine not having the ability to capture screencasts. However, computers generally do not come with such a handy PC screen recorder just to record what is happening on your computer. There is no built-in one-click solution for that.

However, other great external PC screen recorders are available that let you do what you do with the screencast, except at full speed. With these easy-to-use screen recorders, you can easily capture live-motion videos with the equipment you are using in your computer or applications and simply create how-to videos uploaded to YouTube or as tutorials to share with any number of friends or other purposes.

Top 1. RecordCast Screen Recorder

RecordCast Screen Recorder is a great screen recorder for PC, which PearlMountain Software launches. It helps you record your computer screen and lets you record yourself from the webcam from your computer. Thus, you can enjoy the consequent features on a bigger screen, all while recording them with no lag.

This App comes with some great features. You have the ability to capture HD audio or record video. You can use it to record games, videos, applications, whatever on the PC screen. The great thing about this tool is how easy and user-friendly it makes it a one-click solution for all your needs.

Due to its abundance of features, you can use it for many purposes. You can use a projector to magnify the screen for a presentation before an entire class. It also gives you the possibility to capture your gameplay on Facebook. And you can use it to give as well as demonstrations at work. As such, this is one of the best free video recorders for PC currently available on the market.


  1. The record computer screen in exceptional quality
  2. Record audio and video simultaneously
  3. It is capable of recording the audio separately, which is useful if you want to record the sound only.
  4. Record the entire screen or just an application window or a browser tabthanks to the custom screen mode.
  5. Polish the recorded video with the built-in video editor.
  6. Completely free with no watermarks, no ads.
  7. It is web-based, so that you don’t need to download and install any programs.

Top 2. Ice Cream Screen Recorder

The unique thing about the Icecream screen recorder for PC is that it offers you the option to capture just a part of the screen. You just have to drag your cursor over the part of the screen that needs to be recorded, and it will do that. Thus, it is a great choice for webinars, video tutorials, gameplay recordings, etc.


  1. Region Selection.
  2. Drawing panel with which you are able to add arrows and draw outlines with an inbuilt ‘coloring’ system, making recordings more interactive.
  3. You can also watermark videos.
  4. Supports formats such as mp4, Mkv and WebM.

Top 3. Ezvid Video Maker

Ezvid Video Maker is an impressive desktop screen recorder for PC, and like Icecream recorder, you can select just a part to record or add a picture to it. However, this video recorder for pc also allows you to add title, description and other meta information to the recording.


  1. Easy screen recording function with the ability to record just a portion or add text and pictures to it.
  2. Audio synthesis, with which you can compose a text to go with the video, which will be instantly converted into a computer-generated speech.
  3. Instant upload to YouTube.

While most of these video recorders for PC come with their pros and cons, most of them are limited to the free version. If you have this concern, then RecordCast is a great choice because its features are unlocked even in the free version, and there are no watermarks and ads.


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