2021 Trends In Beauty E-commerce

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The beauty and cosmetic industry will never go out of demand. It is something that is always evolving and bringing in new trends and ideas for people to latch on to. Today, beauty brands are using e-commerce as a means to grow their reach and target a larger set of audience with trendy products and services. The beauty niche in e-commerce has seen a huge boom in the past decade, mainly due to the increasing awareness in customers and social media usage. 

Big shot celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner also have their own beauty brands. They have made a whole new niche in this industry, where they target their existing fans and sell more than just regular merchandise. Most of the products are high-end, which aligns with their celeb-rep. These celebrities do not have any physical stores whatsoever and only rely on e-commerce. 

Meanwhile, mega influencers are also collaborating with existing beauty brands. Morphe is well-known for its collaborations with influencers and social media MUAs such as Manny Mua and James Charles product series. 

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Beauty E-commerce Trends to Watch out for In 2021

Beauty e-commerce has definitely been affected by COVID hugely. People have had no choice but to turn to online stores to fulfill their needs and luxuries. The beauty industry was also greatly affected by the pandemic. 

However, it is not to say that beauty brands were not going digital already. They were making their way through e-commerce and online stores pre-COVID but only had to shift complete focus on e-commerce post-COVID. Trying and testing beauty products has also become almost impossible during the pandemic, which is why beauty brands are incorporating advanced tech in their online and physical stores. There are several such trends, including AI and AR technology usage that have paced up during and after the pandemic. Let’s take a look at some of these trends that beauty e-commerce in 2021 can expect. 

Going Clean and Green

Sustainability and eco-consciousness have become the new trend. And with all the eco-awareness in customers and the increasing backlash against the beauty industry for its contribution to environmental damage, this trend is here to stay.

“Cruelty-Free” beauty products have grown in popularity, in which the brands do not harm humans or animals during the trial and testing of their products. Other brands have also revamped their whole product line to manufacture their products via “organic” and sustainable resources. 

Another way beauty brands are going green is by going for eco-friendly packaging. They are strictly avoiding the use of plastics and harmful materials in their packaging. They are switching to reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable alternatives for packaging. 


If you wish to be a part of the beauty niche in e-commerce, don’t forget to make your brand available and accessible to everyone. Inclusivity refers to how you advertise your brand and your products. Your brand and products should be available, accessible, and suitable to different types and groups of people such as different races, body sizes, skin types, ages, and genders. There is a storm raging about men-friendly products and products that are not inaccessible or unsuitable for black people. 

Gradually, brands are also becoming more age-inclusive. They are doing this by creating age-specific products that can suit the skins of older people. They are also establishing themselves as an inclusive brand by employing older people in their marketing campaigns or collaborating with older-aged influencers as a way to connect with the specific market. 

For make-up brands, making dark shades in foundations and concealers is one way of becoming more inclusive and welcoming towards the black community. Other brands are trying to maintain a balance between their luxurious high-end products and affordable good-quality products. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR is a highly immersive and interactive user experience. With AR, the users experience real-life and virtual elements in a digitally enhanced form. Compared to VR, where the user is thrown into a complete digital stimulation and isolated entirely from the physical world. 

So, how are beauty brands using AR in their businesses?

One good example to explain how AR helps brands or e-commerce platforms is from Alibaba. The huge e-commerce leader partnered with the Perfect Corp in 2019 to add a virtual, AR-technology based try-on feature on their platform. A similar thing was done by L’Oréal in 2018 when it let customers use AR technology to try on beauty products and makeup online to see how it will look like on them. This feature was also available on smartphones. 

So, with all the COVID precautions around us, beauty brands, particularly online stores can put good use to AR technology. They no longer have to worry about making fewer sales because customers can’t find the right product online. 

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are becoming very popular these days. Beauty brands send out beauty, skincare, or grooming kits to their subscribers on a monthly or so basis. This is a very effective and unique way to create customer loyalty, and also a way to build a valuable relationship between the brand and the customer. 

Personalized Beauty Products 

Personalization of the products is extremely popular in the skincare line. People can customize, for example, face oils to suit their preference and skin type. You can now get more than just a recommendation based on your existing product usage and your past buying patterns. Instead, you can get a full-scale consultation session with a skin expert arranged by the brand on an online platform. Brands like Nitrogen are also taking it a step ahead with 3D customized facemasks that fit your particular face size and shape perfectly. 

All in All…

It is without a doubt that e-commerce in general has seen a huge rise during the pandemic. E-commerce platforms saw traffic like never before, which called for most brands and businesses to adapt to the situations and accommodate their customers. Fiber optic internet service and faster speed internets, such as fiber optic and 5G have made it a lot more convenient for users to shop online than in physical stores. The pandemic has also made the online shopping trend a much safer alternative too.


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