All in One Information to Check Confirguration Process for HP Officejet Printer

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Perform 123 HP OfficeJet 4620 Basic Initialization

To perform the basic initialization process, switch on the printer. To switch on the printer, follow the steps given below:
• Connect one side of the printer power cord to the rear of the printer and the other side into the wall outlet. It is recommended that power strips not be used frequently so that power issues to the printer are avoided.
• Now, switch on the printer by pressing the power button.
• The printer starts initializing and makes some noise during the process. Wait for it to become completely silent.
• The printer control panel then displays a menu that asks you to choose a language. Select the language of your choice by scrolling through the list and then tap Yes to Confirm. Following the same process, set the location of your printer.
• Select and set the date for your printer. Tap Next
• Set the time for your printer and then click Done.
Next, you can proceed to installing the ink cartridges and loading the paper.

123 HP OfficeJet 4620 Wireless Setup Wizard

The Wireless Setup Wizard sets up your printer in a Wireless Networking environment. Make sure that you have the following things before starting the Wireless Setup Wizard
• Network Name (SSID)
• WPA Passphrase
Once you’ve gathered the information mentioned above, check if both the printer and computer are turned on and connected to the same network.
• If there’s any USB cable is connected to your printer, plug it out of your printer.
• If you’ve already setup your printer using a Wired USB connection, follow the steps given below to change your connection settings from Wired to Wireless,

In the HP folder that is in the list of installed programs, double-click the folder of your printer and click the name of your printer.

Go to the Utilities menu and click Printer Setup & Software Installation.

Click Convert USB connected Printer to Wireless or connect a new Printer and follow the instructions given on-screen to finish the Setup process.

You can skip reading the rest of the guide if you’ve changed your Network connection from Wired to Wireless as the on-screen instruction also comprises of both the Wireless Setup Wizard and the download and installation of the software drivers from 4620.

• On the printer control Panel, touch the Wireless Setup Icon. The Wireless screen will be displayed.
• Tap the Settings icon and then the Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions displayed on the control panel to connect your printer to the Wireless Network.

You can proceed to download and install the software drivers from 4620.

123 HP OfficeJet 4620 Wireless Protected Setup

WPS helps two devices establish a connection over a wireless network connection. This Setup can only be performed if the software drivers were already downloaded & installed from 4620 or

There’s the relatively easier pushbutton method and the pin method to make the Wireless Setup possible and establish a connection between the devices. Make sure that your router supports the Wireless Protected Setup before you can get started. Click to read more about the Wireless Protected Setup.

123 HP Officejet 4620 Software driver and Installation

To install the required printer driver, go to 4620 and click the Download button. Upon completion of the download, click on the program in the Downloads tab to open it or select Run and wait until the installer extracts the required files from 4620.
• The HP Easy Start Utility software opens and connects your printer to the network in order to activate and register it. The latest drivers and software are also downloaded and installed from 4620. Click Continue to proceed.
• Read HP’s terms and conditions carefully and check the button next to Agree to terms and conditions statement. Move on to the next page by clicking Continue. The HP Easy Start Utility then detects the printer.
• If the printer isn’t detected, simply click on the name of your printer.
• HP Auto Wireless Connect must be enabled so that the printer connects to the same wireless network as your computer and applies wireless settings from the computer to your printer.
• Again, go through the terms and conditions and click the checkbox beside agree to the terms and conditions. Now, continue with the installation by clicking Continue.
• The installer connects to the printer and applies wireless settings from the computer to the printer. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and move forward by clicking Continue.
• The Instant Ink activation page appears now. Click ‘Yes, Activate’ to accept the three month free trial. Otherwise, Click ‘No Thanks’.
• The printer can be activated and registered at this point by entering the relevant details.
• Specify how you’d like to use the printer and the location of the printer. Click Continue to proceed.
• After this step, HP will automatically check for the latest drivers and software for the printer.

Users can install the full feature software drivers or just the basic drivers for their printers. The basic version only includes basic functions like printing and scanning. The full feature software from 4620 includes additional functions like I.R.I.S OCR which is useful to convert scanned handwritten documents into text files without having to type the whole thing again.

Once you’ve selected the required option, click Continue to download the software and drivers from 4620.

• Immediately after the download was complete, the program automatically extracts the required files from 4620 and opens. Once the program starts running, you can also customize your software selection.
• Read all of HP’s Terms and Conditions and click Next to the Installation Terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox.
• The Installer now downloads the required software from 4620 and drivers after which it detects and installs the printer connected to the wireless network.
• Select the mode of usage of the printer and enter the location of the printer again. Click Next to finish the software setup for your computer.
• A Web Services Information sheet is printed automatically when the software installation is process has been wrapped up.
• HP will ask if the Instant Ink service must be activated once more if it wasn’t done so previously. Similarly, HP will ask to activate and register the printer once more if it wasn’t before.

This completes the Wireless setup of the HP Officejet 4620 from 4620.

123 HP OfficeJet 4620 eprint Setup

HP’s ePrint service largely diminishes the distance between your printer and you by allowing you to print from anywhere around the world as long as there’s an active internet connection. All you have to do is simply send an e-mail to the printer’s e-mail address. The best part is that, ePrint Printer doesn’t require the installation of any software or driver in order to be used and your document and you can easily and effectively manage all your ePrint jobs and queues by using your HP Connected account.

Click to know more about how to perform an ePrint setup on your 123 HP OfficeJet 4620.

123 HP OfficeJet 4620 Google Cloud Print 

Print documents and photos from any device that is connected to your printer via a wired or wireless network using Google Cloud Print. Google’s Servers delete your documents once the printing job is complete, therefore making it a secured gateway to print documents. This service doesn’t require any additional software or drivers from HP or Google in order to be used.

Final Words- For the HP OfficeJet pro 4620 setup follow the process and mention in detailed as above same you can follow to setup the 4630 printer via this link 4630

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