12 Tips for Parents Who Want Home Tutoring for their Children

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In today’s competitive world, getting the school education is not enough. You need to make sure your child properly understands all his/her lessons and also gets the right guidance and support throughout the academic journey. A majority of the parents, these days, hire home tutors for their children to fulfil those objectives online.

Now, choosing a home coursework help expert for your kid is not an easy task. As you trust a person with your kid’s future, you need to make sure that the tutor is genuine and fulfils all your criteria you think make a quality home tutor. If you are currently in search of a home tutor for your child, use the following tips to find the right person.

  1. Have a good understanding of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses:

Before starting your search for the right tutor for your kid, you should take some time to understand what your child’s academic writing help needs are. Since every student is unique and has his/her own strengths, weaknesses, and quirks, it becomes absolutely important to know these things in advance. This measure actually allows you to find a tutor who can fulfil those needs for your kid.

Simply ask your kid about which subjects he/she finds easy and which he/she needs help with in order to perform better in academics. This will allow you to understand their need for private tuition, as well as their level of interest and confidence in individual subjects that they are studying. You should also take a look at the classwork and homework papers of your child to get some better insights.


  1. Notice your child’s learning style:

Education is a highly unique experience. So, following a “one shoe fits all” approach is not going to work for the students when you choose their tutor. If a private tutor is good for your kid, it may not be perfect for your child. Assessing your child’s learning style will help you hire a tutor whose tutoring style aligns with your child’s learning style.

You should make sure that the learning styles are incorporated properly into your kid’s tutoring sessions. Otherwise, your child may quickly tire of trying to use a style that he/she is not comfortable with. You should also check with the tutor about his/her opinion on learning styles and whether he/she has a way of assessing your child for that.

You also need to look for other factors such as budget, location, and availability.


  1. Get references from other parents:

As mentioned, the “one shoe fits all” approach does not work for students when you are looking for tutors. However, it is recommended that you get ieee referencing from other parents regarding private home tutors. The parents can share their person’s experience with a particular home tutor, how his/her demeanour has been around their kid, if the tuition has helped the kid improve in studies or not, etc.

This will help you get some crucial context in choosing a tutor. In fact, this measure is way more effective than just reading about the tutor in an online ad or a brochure. Spend some time, and get in touch with the parents who have already hired the tutor for their child.


  1. Determine your budget and availability of the tutor:

You need to take into consideration your budget as well as the availability of the tutor and see if they fit you and your child’s needs or not. Tutors usually set their own rates, so it is up to you how much you want to pay for the tuition. You also need to decide whether you want a younger tutor to better connect with your kid or someone with proper experience.

You need to be clear about your preferences before you start looking for a home tutor. This may save you some time and find the right tutor faster.


  1. Look at the tutor’s qualifications:

As you check the age of the tutor and his/her availability, it is absolutely important that you take account of the tutor’s qualification and experience. Depending on the level of tuition you are looking for, your requirements are supposed to vary. So, it is important that you get all the information regarding the previous relevant experience and the qualification the tutor has.

Find out which school and university the tutor has attended, what he/she has studied, and what other qualifications he/she may possess. You should ask him/her about the areas of expertise.

The qualifications and experience do not always make a person a good tutor. There are plenty of other factors that come into play when you are finding the right tutor for your kid. But you should pay attention to all these factors.


  1. Choose the right medium for home tuition:

Another thing you need to decide about your kid’s tuition is whether you want it online or in-person. If you analyse these two options separately, you will see that they both have various benefits. And you also need to consider the factors like your budget, location, and more.

One of the major benefits of hiring an online tutor is that the tutoring session can take place anywhere, as long as your kid has access to a computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone, and a stable internet connection. It is even convenient for the tutors, who usually need to travel a long way to reach the student’s place.

Thus, the online tutoring option may actually cost you less as the tutors won’t have to factor travel expenses into their hourly charges.

Furthermore, online sessions suit some students more than in-person tuition since the sessions can be shorter and arranged at more frequent intervals if the student needs it. Whatever your preference is – in-person home tuition or online tuition, having clarity on that part can help you choose the right tutor for your kid.


  1. Consider a tutoring agency over an individual tutor:

One of the major advantages of hiring a private tutor is to get a personalised learning experience for the kid, as regular classroom education does not always meet the student’s learning needs.

In the case of home tutoring, the tutor works individually with your child. While there are numerous ways to find the perfect tutor, signing up with a tutoring company happens to be the most effective one.

Tutoring agencies work with hundreds of professional tutors from different specialisations in various subjects. Plus, these agencies already do the necessary background checks on the tutors so that you can be assured about their tutoring skills and genuineness. As you can guess, the agencies give you more choices for tutors.

Also, if your child needs the assistance of more than one tutor, you can find a second tutor at the agency only.

Look for tutoring agencies online as well as in your locality, and see if you can find an agency that fulfils all your tutor-related requirements for your child.


  1. Involve your child in the process while choosing the tutor:

While choosing a home tutor for your child, you should consider getting your child’s needs and preferences. Here, I’m not talking about his/her academic needs.

You need to ask your kid what qualities does he/she looks for in a tutor while helping them understand what a tutor can help him/her achieve.

Try to make the process as positive and personal as possible. Your need to sell the idea of hiring a tutor to your kid first. Otherwise, the whole thing is not going to work.

Have an open conversation with your kid and ask what he/she feels would work best for him/her. This is, as you may realise, is a crucial step in choosing a tutor for your kid.


  1. Make sure to ask for monthly progress reports and more:

Before you finalise a tutor for your kid, you should clarify how that expert will communicate with you and share the progress made by the students.

Clarify all your needs and make an agreement to ensure you get a written progress report on a monthly basis or much frequently if required.

One of the crucial steps of choosing a home tutor for your kid is to ensure that there is good follow up on progress with the tutor. This way, you have the assurance that your child is actually making progress toward the goal or make any modification as needed.


  1. Have clarity on the cancellation policy:

Due to certain circumstances, you may need to cancel a lesson or dismiss the tutor from the duty of providing tutoring service to your kid.

So, before you hire a tutor for your kid’s education, you should have a clear conversation about the cancellation of service. If you are hiring a tutor via an agency, you need to go through the cancellation policy in advance.

You need to ask relevant questions – what are the exceptions to the cancellation policy, how many days in advance should the tutor or the agency needs to be informed, and many more. It is important that you respect the tutor’s schedule and inform him/her before letting go of his/her services.

If you ask these questions upfront, you will know how much lead time (except for an emergency) is needed to cancel just one lesson or the whole tutoring.


  1. Tell the tutor that you will be observing the initial lessons:

As a parent, you need to have a close look at the way the tutor interacts with your kid and what tutoring approaches he/she takes to teach your child.

Instead of barging into the study room unannounced or spying on the tutor, clearly tell the tutor that you will be observing the first few lessons of his/her lessons.

Most tutors won’t have any issues with that. However, if you do it without informing the tutor, it may lead to an awkward situation, which can further affect your child’s learning.

Besides telling the tutor about this decision, you should also let your child know about this. This measure will allow you to better understand whether the tutor is best for your child or not.


  1. Create a support network for the tutoring lessons:

To ensure that home tutoring is successful for your child, you need to enlist the collaboration and support of every adult person in your child’s life.

Talk to the school teacher of your child about what kind of tutoring he/she is being provided at home and seek their assistance.

You should also consider asking the teachers to share some insights about your child’s progress in the subject he/she is being tutored.

You should also talk to other parents and have them communicate with their children to learn if the environment in the school is positive enough.

Having communication with the parents of other children will also tell you if your kid is facing any kind of teasing for getting a home tutor. Enlist the support of the grandparents, aunts, and uncles so that they can cheer your kid on to achieving the goals.

Final thoughts

It is important that parents understand that kids in today’s generation need different tutoring support than what the previous generation did. They need proper utilisation of technology in facilitating a positive and efficient learning environment.

Also, structured practice and analysis of learning behaviour can offer high quality instructions for achieving the goals you and your child have set of his/her academic performance.

Moreover, if you are hiring a tutor from an agency, do significant research on the organisation. Also, read a few online reviews from other parents who have availed tutoring services from the agency.


Author bio: Eric Jones is a high school teacher based in Sydney, Australia. He is also associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he offers assignment help, coding assignment help to students as an expert tutor. He is also a part of a local NGO.


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