11 Steps to Stay Healthy with a Hectic Lifestyle

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Finding yourself panting and breathless within just a minute of climbing the stairs? Is your body getting stiffer day by day? Back Ache, Neck Pain are your new best friends? Too tired to cook up a dinner for yourself that you end up bingeing on junk? End up on the sofa being a “couch potato” even on your non-working days? Is the desk life getting to you?

With the current times, every other alternative individual’s routine is turning more and more frantic and wearisome. The work-life of a person does not only bind one to the monotonous and ache inducing desk, paving the way to the term – “Desk Life”. But this very desk life is somewhere leading on to many other diseases and syndromes be it physical, mental or emotional.

One could say the reason being office culture, no time, etc. But what will one have to say on the topic of Work from Home – COVID scare left millions stuck at home, for almost a year, and some continue to do so? The health graph did not change in fact might have given gone down a notch. Bringing us to the main point.

Fit and Fine can be achieved even when one is Busy as a Bee and here’s how –

11 Steps to Stay Healthy with a Hectic Lifestyle:

  1. Dedication

All the “Valid Reasons” one gives to abstain from a healthy routine are just “Well-Fabricated Excuses”. One needs to firmly adhere to the idea of wanting and needing a good and healthy lifestyle and stick to the pivotal steps required to get a semblance of fit to your fat – with work – schedule.

  1. Plan. Proceed.

It cannot be achieved with a sudden urge or just in a fluke, as the results might just be the same as and sometimes this very “urge” could be gone with the wind as well. With a schedule that makes your hours and minutes tighter, it’s highly essential to know the plan out ahead before you proceed.

  1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

The ages-old saying is not just a to say but it’s important to make it stay as well. Waking up early does not just add more hours to your day, but proves to give you a head start too. The early morning hours are what somewhere will help you prep yourself for the day. Whereas when it comes to your sleeping hours, getting early to bed proves to a difficult task given the current times. But one must try to not extend it beyond 11 pm, max to max 11:30 pm.

  1. An Obligation – Hydration

Being hydrated is one of the most important steps in achieving a fit lifestyle. Hydration has millions of benefits that help one stick to their health regime, a few of them being good skin, gut, skeletal health, etc. But the constant habit of drinking water requires the 1st step being Dedication.

  1. Quickly get into a Physical Activity

Physical Activity or Movement is essential for keeping the body free of getting lethargic and lazy, it could be any physical activity other than your required office travel or up-down. One must contribute at least 1 hour of the day, which takes up just 4% of one’s day. Waking up early just acts as an incentive to this step.

  1. Mediate to Meditate

We often underestimate or overlook the simple art and power of meditation. Meditation helps one find peace and focus amidst chaos brewing in the mind and life as well. Just a few minutes are more than enough especially after high energy draining workout to help one relax.

  1. Snack Attack

Add a twist to the usual 3-time meals, turn it into 6 meals a day. Do not Panic. We often end up overeating, if we eat after huge time intervals. Eating small “healthy snack” meals between 2 hours is the way to go. This doesn’t only help increase one’s metabolism but also help one restrain from over-eating.

  1. Abide by being Active

1 hour at the gym and done!? Well, make sure it doesn’t be so. Leave the Lift, Stick to Stairs. Volunteer to Get Everyone’s Tea. Run to the Copier Machine. Take a Stroll through the Office after your Snack Meals.

  1. Do the Detox-Declutter Drive

Detox your Mind & Declutter your Space. It is needful to indulge in positive and self-affirming thoughts and self-belief and detox your inner-space from demotivating norms. But that itself isn’t enough, one must cleanse their outer-space as well, as that just helps deter dallying. Fildena and Vidalista 60 is the best cure for ED.

  1. Coach the Cook Out

However, tiring or busy or packed your schedule may be, make time for cooking your meals, be it a simple sandwich to a drizzled salad or even a full main course meal. This helps you know what you are eating, stops you from bingeing on junk and leads to you eating healthy home-cooked meals. Step 2 P3 to the Rescue.

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It is important to know it’s not going to happen overnight. You will have your share of lazy days, but here’s when you go back to Step 1 – Dedication. The wish to lead a healthy life is what matters. So, remember to go One Step at a Time.

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