11 frequently asked questions about dental supplement

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The products offered by insurance companies cover a specific number of important oral health treatments. However, it is possible to contract another additional product that offers 100% coverage of another variety of treatments. This article summarizes the 11 frequently asked dental supplement questions.

A product that with just an additional amount per month will have access to important preventive treatments for oral health.

Dental supplement, frequently asked questions

What does the dental supplement offer?

This product, depending on the insurer, offers preventive treatments and diagnostic tests . In addition to covering oral cleanings, fluoridation treatments, consultations and x-rays of the mouth.

What is the purpose of the AFEMEFA insurance policy?

AFEMEFA, according to the contracted policy, provides the policyholder with coverage of diseases conceived in the health benefits specialties, in addition to other services contemplated in the contracted policy.

Considering the prior payment of the corresponding premium amount, according to the general conditions (conditional) of the AFEMEFA contract. Where the rights and obligations of the organization and the insured are detailed.

What coverage does oral care include?

Take in free services like oral diagnostics, dental emergencies , X-rays, and preventive dentistry . It also includes an outpatient oral surgery service and the design of a dental plan for children between 0 and 14 years old. And it also offers franchised services.

Is it necessary to communicate that the policy contract will be extended?

It is not necessary, each year the contracts are automatically extended. Unless it is not desired to extend by any of the interested parties. In this case, you must communicate your request in writing, in accordance with the terms of current and current legislation.

And what coverage does the AFEMENA oral care policy include?

This policy includes all the treatments that are typical of dentistry. Like those related to the dental specialty, codified in the oral franchise scale.

With the premise that the treatment can be performed by the dentists listed in the dental medical chart.

What is the dental medical chart?

It is the group of medical centers and odontostomatologists registered in the company, where they will provide the service that the insured needs.

How does the scale work in dental franchises?

The prices charged by the franchises for oral services will never exceed those contemplated in the scale. Since the prices of the services contemplated in the scale are estimated maximum prices. If the price is higher in the private clinic, the lower price will always be applied.

While for the type of treatment that are in the scale without charge, it will be free for the patient.

Is it possible to go to a dental appointment when taking out a dental policy or does it have a waiting period?

You can attend the dentist from the first day the policy goes into effect. It is not necessary to wait a certain time.

Why if the insurance premium is paid monthly, the contract is annual, what does it mean?

The contract made with the insurance is annual. It means that for a year you will benefit from the services covered by the policy. The form of payment of that policy is another thing. You can pay the premium every month, or you can pay it quarterly, semi-annually, or one-time, annually. Paying it in installments does not mean that it has an additional cost.

What to do to file a claim?

You must send a written communication to any of the AFEMEFA offices or also send it to your Mutual Care Service. You can also go in person and deliver the claim or send it by post to Calle Murcia, 10 – Bajo B 28045 in Madrid, specifying “Mutual Care Service”.

In addition, you have the option of sending it by email to the address: atencionalmutualista@afemefa.com

What handling is given to the personal data that I supply?

By providing your personal data, AFEMEFA is authorized to collect and handle automatically and transfer them to collaborating entities. Both the personal data of the policyholder and the insured.


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